Private training

Private, one-to-one training is the way to go if you're after exclusivity...

In our private training classes there’s no-one else to wait for or to distract your focus or your teacher's attention. It's here that you will see and feel the difference that Pilates can make to you in the shortest time, secure in the knowledge that you are moving the best you can on every single repetition with undivided attention from your teacher.

The Pilates apparatus allows you to work every part of your body in every direction, moving against variable resistance to develop the long lean muscles for which Pilates is so renowned. You will bend, stretch, climb, jump, hang and maybe dive upside down, moving at your pace, and always with a keen eye to your goals and your needs. The apparatus studio is also the ideal place to work during pregnancy or to get you back to full strength after injury or surgery, but don’t be fooled… this is a WORKOUT!

Moving with the equipment challenges and develops your balance, control and precision, yet gives you the support to extend your range and challenge your limits. Feel taller, freer, stronger and more comfortable in your body and see why Joseph Pilates wanted the whole world to practise his method.

If you are new to the studio, please contact us to make your initial booking. Existing clients can book online or, of course, contact us too.

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